About Bev

Baking runs through my veins! I grew upĀ in Cornwall in a remotely placed house called ‘The hermitage’. The house was home to a tea rooms ran by my mother and was sat at the end of a three mile walk next to a waterfall. Tourists would amble slowly along the three mile path to see the waterfall and my mum would capture them with her tantalising menu of tea and homemade cake. I would spend many weekends and school holidays baking and serving hungry tourists, I never tired of baking.

Traybakes still remind me of my childhood, where traybakes were a feature of every Saturday afternoon tea menu. Traybakes give me the ability to play with flavours and toppings, my list of bakes are now never ending. I love to try new combinations, some taste amazing and there are of course a few that did not! With great difficulty I have chosen my top favourite traybakes, each tried and tested on friends, family and various other people willing to sample my bakes.

Now in my early 60s and having been a teacher all my life , time feels right to jump in with both feet into the world of baking- out of the classroom and into the kitchen! Bake, bake, bake!

I am a baking perfectionist, every lovely creation I bake has to be right in look and taste! For months I have been perfecting family favourites and new flavours – sending samples to my grown up children for taste testing, my daughter is also a teacher and her classroom have been so delighted with my samples they now call out ‘more cake from mummy Hams’!

I have been baking traybakes for years, I feel they offer an alternative to traditional birthday cakes, relying simply on quality ingredients, fabulous flavour and perfected texture.

All of my delicious traybakes are baked fresh in my bijoux professional kitchen in the heart of Wiltshire. I use top quality free range or organic ingredients where possible.

All hail the Traybake!

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