Gluten Free & Dairy Free

As someone who suffers with a disease greatly effected by the foods I eat, baking for people with dietary requirements was and is a passion of mine.

I have found there are so many recipes that promise on taste, but when it comes to it there is always something lacking that just not deliver the taste I am looking for. In theory the cake itself should not taste any different to a cake baked with wheat flours.

I have worked tirelessly on so many recipes to ensure my Gluten Free and Dairy Free traybakes taste as fresh and delicious as you would expect from any cake.

Ingredients are such an important part of any baking and no more is that true than in baking for a dietary requirement. I use a huge range of organic Gluten Free flours; from buckwheat to amaranth, they all have a place in traybake baking and each are so unique in their texture and taste.

Browse through my traybakes for your dietary requirement, the range is growing all the time. I only ever put my traybakes for sale online when I am 100% happy with their taste.

Enjoy and please do get in touch if you have any questions on the ingredients.

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